Is my partners mental health a concern?

Lets face it , Men are a closed book for the best part when it comes to openly discussing feelings , more so when it comes to our mental health, men in general like to fix things and we shut down when we cant, its something you hear daily especially in men following the loss of a child .

Talk to us campaign

Daddys With Angels the leading Male loss Child loss charity that caters to but not exclusively to Male family members following the loss of a child has a current campaign running entitled “Talk to us”. Recently I spoke to Mark Cowdell Angel dad to Nyla ( click for Bio ) Who volunteers for the charity … Continue reading Talk to us campaign

Holidays and Grief

The one thing that is absolute in child loss is how much special times of the year suck. Besides birthdays, father’s Day/ mother’s Day , Christmas is the one huge one that we all feel the same about , more so if you haven’t had the opportunity to have more children following a loss .  … Continue reading Holidays and Grief

Change is Needed

“studies indicated that while men tended to have less intense and less enduring levels of negative psychological outcomes than women, they are more likely to engage in compensatory behaviours, such as increased alcohol consumption. Qualitative studies indicated that men often feel that their role is primarily as a ‘supporter’ to their female partner, and that … Continue reading Change is Needed

Rainbow tears

        The topic of this blog will be based on my experiences of having a rainbow baby. There is one thing almost guaranteed when you loose a child and that at some point someone will say something along the lines of ” Your young you can try again.”or” When are you trying … Continue reading Rainbow tears


    My name is Scott McCluskey and I would like to give you a brief insight of my life, I had been with my partner for around 3 years before she fell pregnant, I was roughly 21 and she was 20 at 5 and a half months pregnant she started losing blood, so we … Continue reading I MISS MY BOY

A Tide of Celebration, Sorrow and being an Angel Daddy on Fathers Day….

On the 14th of June each year we have Oliver’s birthday, followed the next day by his angelversary and a few days later fathers day. Now for those that know me I also have a nearly 4-year-old rainbow, In the midst of a day, I should be excited about it consumed with grief, anger which … Continue reading A Tide of Celebration, Sorrow and being an Angel Daddy on Fathers Day….

Big Boys DO Cry

    4 words that cause lasting damage on men as a whole “Big Boys Don’t Cry” Let me explain a little. For generations after generations men have had those words uttered to them as they were growing up, showing any sign of emotion was met with mockery and men were made to feel weak. … Continue reading Big Boys DO Cry

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